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Sub Aqua Association National Day


Saturday 26 April 2003 will be the first ever SAA National Day. The National Day is intended to promoting the awareness of scuba diving in general and the Sub Aqua Association in particular.  In order to be accessible to the most people two major sites have been selected nationally in high-density public areas for increased exposure.

The first site has already been confirmed as Thorpe Park near London. Thorpe Park’s aquatic theme and its position near the M25 and London make it an ideal location for divers in the South of the country. Various SAA members, instructors and clubs will be on hand to discuss any aspect of diving. There will be several sets of diving equipment and even a fully equipped diving boat available so that visitors will be able to see what is involved in diving and the equipment used.

In addition to the two national sites, SAA Clubs up and down the country will be invited to host small events to encourage new people into diving as well encourage existing divers back into the sport. Many holidaymakers have tried diving while abroad but may not have thought about diving in the UK. Many other people would like to try diving but are uncertain about how to get started. The various events arranged around the country are intended to put these people in touch with a local dive club from one of over 400 SAA diving clubs around the country.

For more info: www.saa.org.uk

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