Thursday, November 26, 2020

Suunto Vertical Blue 2012 Comes to an End


The 2012 Suunto Vertical Blue Freediving competition being held at the Blue Hole in the Bahamas has come to an end.  Athletes, event staff and supporters are all making their journeys home and reflecting on the previous 9 days of competition.

The statistics for this competition make amazing reading and goes to prove that Suunto Vertical Blue 2012 was the Freediving competition of this year if not in the history of Freediving competitions.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Athletes made 252 individual performances
  • Total amount of diving during 9 days was 45 hours
  • Not a single delay in any dive starting
  • There was a live audio feed broadcasting from a Freediving event for the first time.
  • There were 65 national records and 2 world records!

The champions of the 2012 Suunto Vertical Blue competition were:




Suunto Vertical Blue 2012 Comes to an End 1Photo Courtesy of Vertical Blue

The final full results for the women were:

Suunto Vertical Blue 2012 Comes to an End 2

and the final men’s results were:

Suunto Vertical Blue 2012 Comes to an End 3 congratulate all the athletes and organizers on an amazing competition and look forward to next years!


Suunto Vertical Blue 2012 Comes to an End 7
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