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The Coral Restoration Foundation is Helping Reefs Bounce Back Through Conscious...

The Coral Restoration Foundation isn't just working to conserve and protect Florida reefs, they're actively helping them bounce back.

Plant A Coral With ‘CoralPalooza’ In Florida

The Coral Restoration Foundation has announced its "Coralpalooza" event will take place on June 8-9, 2018.

Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire Gets One-Time Grant From Dutch Government

The Coral Restoration Foundation recently announced that the Dutch government had given the organization a one-time funding grant to further develop its activities in...

Curacao Coral Reef Restoration Effort Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

A coral restoration effort off the shores of the Caribbean island of Curacao celebrated its one-year anniversary last week. The effort began in May 2015...

Dive Rite Launches Limited Edition Coral Restoration Foundation Limited BCD

In October 2015 the Women Divers Hall of Fame announced the names of six ladies to be inducted in Spring 2016. Included in the...

Florida Keys ‘Reef Crawl’ To Take Place In August

Want a unique way to explore the reefs in the Florida Keys? Local-area dive shops are sponsoring a "reef crawl" from August 20 to 23...
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