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What To Know When Diving Deep

Anytime you’re doing a deep dive, there are few things you’ll have to consider.

Diving Records: Humans vs. Animals

In the quest for diving records - who comes out on top? Humans or Animals?

Start List…Infinity Depth Games III

The start list for day one of the Infinity Depth Games III

(When the) Depths Call…

What is that inner voice that keeps you calling back towards the Blue?

Going Deep Whilst Scuba Diving

"Divers do it deeper" is a saying often seen on a diver’s bumper stickers or t-shirts. As a deep diver, we know of course...

The Iron Man of Freediving: DejaBlue 007

Performance Freediving is is proud to present Deja Blue 007! Over the course of three weeks, athletes from around the world descend on Grand...

#VB2016 William Trubridge – A World Record in Pictures

On Saturday April 30, 2016 at 11:20 AM (eastern time zone) there was silence. A united stillness rippled through the air and the water...
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