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DEMA Show 2010: Introduction

Welcome to another year of DeeperBlue.com coverage of a huge event on the diving industry calendar - DEMA 2010 in Las Vegas

DEMA 2008: Day 2 Coverage

DEMA 2008 day 2 and more exciting news coming to you from the DEMA Show Floor.

DEMA 2005 Special: Freedom Fins are from pluto

Staff writer Nico Danan "encounter of the third fin":Freedom Fin a new way of moving in the water.

DEMA 2005 Special: Personal Best at DEMA

A total freediving newbie gets a taste of the wonders of static apnea.

DEMA 2005 Special: Wyland: 93 'Whaling Walls' Done, 7 to Go

Onsite DEMA reporter John Liang managed to catch up with artist Wyland whilst at the show

DEMA 2003 Highlights

Highlights from the 2003 DEMA Show

DEMA 2002 report from a freediving perspective

Freediving Editor Cliff Etzel starts off with the first days report of DEMA from a Freediving point of view

DEMA 2002 Report: Setting The Scene

Stephan provides his thoughts and introductions on the first day of the DEMA Dive Show in Las Vegas.

The DEMA 2002 Show – Introduction

Publisher Stephan kicks off our DEMA 2002 coverage with an introduction to who, what, where and why DEMA.
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