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DEMA 2005 Special: Freedom Fins are from pluto

Wandering on the DEMA floor is quite an experience of sound, color and action. Going upstream, passed the Cayman island alley something caught my attention. A futuristic piece of equipment that seemed to belong more in an aircraft show case than DEMA. Introducing myself to John Turner at the Freedom Fins booth, he in turn called Bill Hopper the inventor of the the Freedom Fins to come and explain to me how and why this piece of equipment belonged to the water realm. I watch a short video where two divers in a pool were doing underwater laps (dynamics for us freedivers), one was wearing a pair of Scubapro splitfin and the other Freedom fins. Needless to say the Freedom Fin diver seemed a lot more efficient than the Scubapro’s. It is relevant before getting in any further details to say that Bill has been a pilot for 35 years.

According to Bill Hopper who has patents covering the unique characteristics of his invention,dolphins create a “vortices trail” causing a “jet” or cut in drag at the end of each kick cycle. He and partner John Turner decided developing this technology into REAL PRODUCTS for various commercial applications. From early tests they know that FreedomFins absorb body drag further enhancing swim speed.

The result is greater kick-cycle efficiency using a shallower kick stroke, which reduces the physical energy required per unit of distance by the diver. FreedomFins attach to the lower leg thereby leaving the ankles and feet free for walking on land or in a boat upon entering or leaving the water. The leg attachment also reduces muscle strain and fatigue of the ankle and foot. The inherent design better suits the human anatomy by utilizing the strongest limbs and eliminating reliance on the weaker ones.

Bill explained to me that their presence at DEMA was to make contact with the “big guys” of the scuba industry to get this concept into production. I informed him that I would be very happy to try them when they are available to the public and see for myself to fully understand his epidemic enthusiam on his product.

For more info log on to www.FreedomFins.com

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