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TEKCamp 2015 Taking Deposits For July Event

Live in Europe and want to learn more about technical diving from some of the top instructors in the U.K.? Check out TEKCamp at Vobster Quay this coming summer!

At TEKCamp, you’ll get five days’ worth of instruction, workshops and fun dives by a whole slew of technical diving instructors representing agencies such as PADI, SSI, RAID, TDI and more, where participants can try out new gear or hone technique.

This is the place to come to basically try out this stuff,” participant Roz Lunn says, adding: “It’s a great way of basically speed-dating instructors” to find the one that a prospective technical diver is most comfortable learning from.

Mark Powell from TDI said: “We’ve had guys who’ve nevere dived in a twin set, and when they turned up we started right from the beginning. We’ve also had more experienced guys, all the way up to advanced trimix divers or even TDI advanced nitrox and decompression procedures instructors who want to further develop their own personal skills. . . . The fun bit for the instructors is making sure that we can challenge all the divers at the appropriate level, give them the opportunity to improve while giving them something that is achievable for their own personal level.”

Paul Toomer from RAID said: “They’re up here to extend their technical knowledge but they’re not up here on a course, so consequently it means that they’re working without any stress. They’re working in a chilled-out environment, and they’re working with instructors that are under no requirement to follow any strict training standards for certification, so it makes it really, really easy. What that then leads to . . . is a really nice allegiance betwen the divers and the instructors and consequently the instructors and the instructors, so you get this really big melting pot of ideas going on between the divers who are here participating in stuff and also the instructors, so it’s really really very exciting.”

TEKCamp 2015 is scheduled for 13-17 July. Participants can spread out the cost of the camp by putting down a £100 deposit now and not have to pay the rest until May.

For more info about TEKCamp 2015, check out www.tekcamp.co.uk.


John Liang
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