Italian No Limit Freediving Record-Holder Andrea Zuccari To Host Equalization Workshop

Italian Freediver Andrea Zuccari will host a freediving workshop next month at the Y-40 pool in Abano-Montegrotto Terme in Padua.

The sessions, to be held in English, will take place on February 19 and 20. The main thrust of the course will be the various methods of equalizing the ears, including the Valsalva, Frenzel and other techniques.

The workshop will cost €250 per person.

The Y-40 pools maximum depth is 40 meters and is heated to 32 degrees Celsius.

Last summer, Zuccari set a new Italian national record in No-Limits (NLT) by diving to 175m in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Instead of using the typical fluid goggles and nose clip, Zuccari used a normal freediving mask, making him the deepest man ever to freedive with a mask.

For more info on next month’s workshop, click here.