Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Zone – Unlimit Your Mind


This week’s video is from Freediver Vitomir Maricic and allows you to immerse yourself into the mind of a freediver just before his performance in a competition.

Before the start of each performance, there is a 2-minute countdown when a freediving athlete needs to align and direct his thoughts to alter his physiology into a state of very low metabolism, high relaxation, a specific form of either dispersed or high focus, remove himself from expectations, past mistakes, and potential future ones and stay in the moment, trusting his body and subconscious mind to guide him through what can either be a very hard or a very enjoyable performance.

In any case, there is only one chance – now.

A lot can happen in these 2 minutes in your mind, and this 2 minutes before the dive is crucial and maybe the most important part of the performance.

This video by Vitomir brings to life what happens in those two minutes!



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