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Top 5 Favorite Dives at Wakatobi


Exploring the underwater world is an adventure like no other. With vibrant corals, enchanting marine life, and diverse seascapes, diving offers a chance to connect with the natural world in an incredibly immersive way. Among the many dive destinations globally, one stands out for its extraordinary richness and variety: Wakatobi.

Wakatobi, an archipelago in the Banda Sea of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, boasts some of the world’s most remarkable dive sites. This article will guide you through the top five Wakatobi dive sites, providing detailed insights into what makes each of them exceptional and worth exploring.

House Reef: An Underwater Metropolis

As one of the best shore dives in the world, the House Reef at Wakatobi offers exceptional diving right off the shore. A few short steps from the resort, you’ll be immersed in a world of healthy seagrass beds and a reef bustling with marine life. The outer edge of the site offers a fantastic view of schools of fish swirling under the jetty and sea turtles grazing just inshore on the seagrass. The House Reef, lit by the overhead sunlight, provides a perfect environment for underwater photography. Depending on currents, this dive site is suitable for intermediate to advanced divers and offers a depth range of 0 – 40m. The House Reef is a snorkeler’s haven and a must-visit among Wakatobi dive sites.

Carpet Anemone on the House Reef

Roma: The Aquatic Colosseum

Roma is perhaps the best-known dive site at Wakatobi. Its pinnacle, covered in an astonishing assortment of corals, rises from the depths to within 2 meters of the surface, resembling the Colosseum in Rome. The top of the pinnacle hosts clouds of anemones and clownfish, with a wealth of marine life waiting to be discovered. Roma is an excellent choice for beginner divers with a depth range of 0 – 25m and is teeming with marine life, including anemones, clownfish, and more.

The Rose at Roma

The Zoo: A Night Dive Spectacle

The Zoo is a patch reef close to the resort, known for its plethora of critters and its popularity for night dives. As the sun sets, hunting cuttlefish and lionfish emerge from the darkness, and your dive light will reveal bobtail squid and octopus hunting in the dark. The corals here also house unique critters such as the mushroom pipefish, frogfish, ghost pipefish, and bright pink hairy squat lobsters. Whether you choose to dive during the day or at night, The Zoo promises an encounter with a diverse array of marine life. This dive site is suitable for beginners and offers a depth range of 0 – 30m.

Anemone on Fluo Dive at The Zoo

Turkey Beach: A Day-to-Night Dive Wonder

Turkey Beach, located just a stone’s throw away from the resort, is renowned for its vibrant marine life and appeal for day and night dives. As the day breaks, expect green and hawksbill turtles grazing on seagrasses and schools of fish such as anthias, fusiliers, and spadefish feeding near the reef’s crest. The lively coral reef is also home to occasional eagle rays and a wide range of crustaceans and other invertebrates. As darkness falls, the scene transforms into a nocturnal spectacle with hunting lionfish, elusive octopus, and squids emerging while turtles find cozy resting spots under ledges. Whether you’re exploring the underwater world by day or night, Turkey Beach guarantees a rewarding encounter with various marine life. Suitable for all skill levels, this dive site offers a depth range of 0 – 50m.

Turtle  at Turkey Beach

Cornucopia: A Feast of Critters and Color

For those who love critters and color, Cornucopia offers a real highlight among Wakatobi dive sites. With a higher-than-average critter counter and a dramatic wall swathed in bright, soft corals, there is plenty to keep divers occupied. Cornucopia is a feast for the eyes, from sea fans and sunlight in the shallow to larger gorgonians, sponges, and black coral groves deeper down. This site suits advanced divers and offers a depth range of 0 – 55m.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Wakatobi’s dive sites will captivate and amaze you. With various sites to explore, each offering something different, it is easy to understand why Wakatobi consistently ranks as one of the world’s best destinations for diving. So don’t miss the opportunity to experience diving at its finest and explore Wakatobi’s top 5 dive sites. Who knows what surprises you may uncover!

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Wakatobi Dive Resort
Wakatobi Dive Resort
Wakatobi Dive Resort is located in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia and situated within the Wakatobi Marine Reserve, which is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and home to one of the most bio-diverse marine ecosystems on earth.