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Top 5 Scuba Diving Best Sellers

There are a number of bestselling books available about the art of scuba diving, whether they are non-fiction, best sites for scuba diving or explanations about the vast number of fish out there all over the world, there is always something that will suite your taste.

What do you think?  Are there other best sellers that should have been included?  Let us know in the comments below.

Here are the Top 5 Scuba Diving Best Sellers out there

The Reef Set

The Reef Set is a box set of 3 books which include;

‘Reef Fish Identification 3rd Edition,’ an incredible fish ID reference book, perfect for the budding naturalists and marine scientists out there as well as every scuba diver who wants to know exactly what they are looking at during their dive. This new and bigger addition has increased in size by 20% since 1989 and now includes 100 more exciting and interesting new species of fish. Including 825 classic marine life photos of 600 both common and rare species of reef fish, this book has it all. It is super easy to use and has an easy-to-find format, perfect for those looking for a quick answer after a dive. With its new and innovative water-resistant design, this book folds flat and is perfect for a day trip out on the water.

‘Reef Creature Identification; Florida, Caribbean and Bahamas ‘2nd Edition,’ used as a great identification tool for all the crabs, shrimps, jellies, sponges, lobsters, molluscs and tunicates that are found living within the reefs of Florida, the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Now, over 30% larger, this exciting reference book includes over 220 beautiful photos of shells, crabs and stunning nudibranchs as well as the most incredible octopus, which has only been discovered in the Caribbean.

Reef Coral Identification, ‘2nd Edition.’ Now you have the identification books of the fish and the critters that live on the reef, however you do not yet know what marine life make up the reef itself. That is what this book is for. With beautiful colours, shapes and sizes these marine animals are definitely worth taking a look at. With over 530 photos of living specimens, this up-to-date book can help you to identify nearly all of the corals, fire coral, black coral and gorgonian that are living under the waters of the tropical western Atlantic.

Not only does this reference book provide detailed explanations of what the corals may be, it also offers a comprehensive photo-essay of the kind of diseases which you might see under the water. In addition, this interesting book also contains photo guides of coral reproduction.

In combination, these three books offer very different information, however they can all help to make your diving experience better, giving you a better perspective of the marine life under the water.


The Silent World, a Story of Undersea Discovery and Adventure, by the First Men to Swim at Record Depths with the Freedom of Fish

This incredible book is a story of underwater discovery, written in 1953 and based in 1943 this book is about Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan who both devised, created and tested the first ‘Aqua-lung’. At the beginning of the book, Cousteau begins by recounting his scuba experiences with his diving buddies Frederic Dumas and Philippe Tailliez who used the ‘aqua-lung’. The ‘aqua-lung’ allowed these divers to free float through water without having to be tethered to the boat. This new ability to be free under the water extended deep water diving and helped created the modern version of scuba diving. An excellent read with interesting facts and accounts about the first men to dive to record depths.


Diving The World

Written by an enviable husband and wife team who have travelled to over 200 locations all over the world. This book offers colour images throughout and the greatest inspiration as well as all of the practical information you will need to plan your next dive. With over 25 years of diving experience, this dynamic duo have created this third, revised version of this book. Included in this book is a planning section, perfectly devised with essential information from equipment to use, local laws and things to do when you are not diving. A perfect read for those looking for their next scuba diving expedition.


The Dive Atlas of The World

The dive atlas of the world is an incredible book which offers a tour of all of the dive sites throughout the world. From well-known classic dive sites to the ones that have only been recently discovered. This informative book offers a wide range of locations for those avid divers just waiting to take their next adventure. Dives including; wrecks, caves, walls, reefs, blue holes or adrenaline racing super-fast drift dives. This book encapsulates everything for everyone. With mapped out accounts of the best diving locations and incredible photography, it shouldn’t be too hard to choose where you are headed next.


50 Places to Dive before you Die

The world is covered with over 71% of Ocean, which is an awful lot of water to explore. ’50 Places to Dive before you Die’ is an incredible amalgamation of the top dive spots to visit, straight from dive experts themselves. The author Chris Santella has asked the most experienced divers from all over the world to share some of their favourite dive destinations. This book contains it all, from places to see ‘Red Demon Squid’ in the Sea of Cortes, to the beautiful marine life off the coast of Papua New Guinea. This book can not only help you to experience these sites in your dive gear, ready to jump off the boat, but can also help you to feel like you are diving these sites from the comfort of your own home. From new and exciting dive sites, to old favourites such as Grand Cayman Isles, there is something for every diver out there. With 40 stunning pictures taken by the world’s best underwater photographers, this book helps you to immerse yourself is the beauty of the underwater world. If you are looking to travel to some of these amazing locations, then Santella has even created an ‘if you go’ section of the book, giving you detailed information and suggestions on how to plan your trip.


Jennifer Palmer
Jennifer Palmer
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