Looks like freedivers in Australia and New Zealand want to see which of the two Oceania countries is the top freediving dog.

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Freediving New Zealand recently announced the inaugural “Trans-Tasman Cup,” a pool-based competition pitting eight of each country’s best freedivers in the Static (STA), Dynamic With Fins (DYN) and Dynamic No Fins (DNF) disciplines.

This event will take place over three days at New Zealand’s National Aquatic Centre in Auckland from August 4 to August 6, 2016.

The Kiwi freedivers participating in T3C will be:

Dave Mullins, Guy Brew, Kathryn Nevatt, Ant Williams, Chris Marshall, Lewis Jones, Tania Routhwaite, and Phil Clayton.

Between them they have held seven World Records and 48 New Zealand National Records.

The Aussie freedivers will be:

Leigh Woolley, Nicole Keating, Brent Warren, Craig de Vos, Anh Tu, Natasha Darke, Andrew Kelly, and Mark Williams.

While some might hold the Australian team as the underdogs, the key to this competition is consistency. The way a freediving competition is scored, it takes just one athlete pushing too far and being disqualified, and the outcome becomes anyone’s guess.

Thursday August 4th will see the STA competition, Friday August 5th will be the DYN discipline, and the DNF category will be contested on Saturday August 6th.

For more info, check out the competition website at t3capnea16.nz.

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