Trubridge Offers Training in Tenerife

World Record freediver William Trubridge has entered into a partnership with Tenerife Top Training. Also known as T3, Tenerife is an athletic training facility that boasts Olympic sized pools and the ocean breezes of the Canary Islands. Trubridge has been training for a month at this facility in preparation for his appearance next week at the 2010 AIDA World Championships.

T3 is well suited for dynamic training because it offers two pools — one at 25m and one at 50m, so freedivers can train both with and without fins in optimal conditions.  The 2m deep pools are equipped with an incredible filtration system and kept at a constant 27ºC, ideal for apnea training. T3’s pool has the world’s most advanced flume – a water channel with adjustable current that can be used to analyze technique and the hydrodynamics of the body. Tenerife is proposing itself as the venue for the 2011 Individual World Championships so anyone who wants to check it out might want to join Trubridge this September as Vertical Blue will be conducting a course at T3 from September 9-12. To read more check out Vertical Blue News.