Underwater Tablet Computer Could be On The Way

New touch screen tablet could be hitting shops soon
New touch screen tablet could be hitting shops soon (Photo credit: Alleco)

Finnish Start-up Alleco has developed an underwater tablet, that has both a working GPS and crucially a fully functional touchscreen.

The company, which was founded by divers, produced the new device called the Alltab, to help divers underwater, especially those involved in research and activities requiring complex navigation or note taking.

The Alltab comes with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 as standard, but can also be configured to be used with other tablets, and can be connected to external devices via WiFi or Bluetooth.

The standard device which is depth rated to 90m/300ft is mainly targeted at military and commercial divers, although many a recreational diver would find it super useful as well.

According to Alleco CEO Jouni Leinikki:

Military divers are very excited about the navigation possibilities that the underwater tablet brings, while research divers appreciate the possibility to collect data directly into an electronic format.”

For those interested in diving deeper with the device, there is a pro version which is depth-rated to 150m/492ft and can be used with or without gloves.

You can check out the Alltab on the Alleco site here or watch a video of the Alltab below.