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Unlimited whalewatching this winter with Pacific Whale Foundation

If you’re counting the days until the humpback whales return to Maui, you may want to take advantage of the special early bird discount available on Pacific Whale Foundation’s Season’s Whalewatch Pass.

This new pass entitles Pacific Whale Foundation members to unlimited whalewatches with Pacific Whale Foundation during the upcoming whalewatch seaason.

"This is a great idea for anyone who loves watching Hawaii’s humpback whales," says Marsha Sarver, Cruises Marketing Director at Pacific Whale Foundation. "Buy it for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member."

Avid whalewatchers can save $30 on their passes by purchasing their Season’s Pass now, before December 1. The early bird prices (good until December 1) are $169 for adults who are Pacific Whale Foundation members. After December 1, the prices are $199.

State tax and harbor fees are extra.

"It’s easy to see how quickly the savings add up" says Sarver. "If you go whalewatching just 2-3 times a month during the season (December through mid-May), you’ll easily save money."

The Season’s Whalewatch Pass is good on all regular Pacific Whale Foundation Whalewatch Eco-Adventures.

"This pass makes it easy and convenient to go whalewatching as often as you’d like," she says. "We offer 15 whalewatch cruises daily, out of Ma’alaea and Lahaina Harbors, so our passholders will always find a convenient time to go whalewatching with us."

"As our staff knows, each time you go whalewatching, it’s a unique experience," she says. "Sometimes you see breaches, other times there’s a wildly active competition pod, other times there are mothers and calves. You never know. With this pass, you won’t miss out on any of the thrills of whale season," Sarver says.

The whalewatches take place on Pacific Whale Foundation’s fleet of modern, smooth-riding vessels, which include a sailing catamaran and eco-friendly, high-tech power cataramans. A. valid driver’s license or picture i.d. must be shown at the time of purchase and when using the pass. The pass is not transferrable.

The pass may not be used on sunset cocktail or dinner cruises, raft cruises, Ultimate Whalewatches , snorkel or wild dolphin watch cruises.

To learn more, visit the Pacific Whale Foundation’s website at

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
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