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Vertical Blue 2022: Day 4 – Arnaud Jerald Extends Constant Weight Bi-Fins World Record


After a rest day, the Vertical Blue 2022 freediving competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas restarted with Day 4 of action. The Constant Weight Bi-Fins (CWTB) absolute world record fell, plus a further eight national records.

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Arnaud Jerald Extends Constant Weight Bi-Fins World Record

France’s Arnaud Jerald extended his Constant Weight Bi-Fins (CWTB) AIDA World Record dive from day 1 to get the absolute world record with a 119m/390ft dive.

The previous CMAS record was 118m held by Alexey Molchanov. This is his 5th World Record in the Constant Weight Bi-Fins discipline.

Eight National Records Set

As we often see at Vertical Blue, the Women are making waves!

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In Constant Weight (CWT), we saw three new women’s national records: South Korea’s Jung A Kim completed a 92m/292ft dive, France’s Alice Modolo dove 101m/331ft, and South Africa’s Talya Davidoff also got a white card for her 76m/249ft dive.  Belgium’s Marine Simonis also set a national record in Constant Weight No-Fins (CNF) with a 58m/190ft dive.

The men’s side also saw four new national records: Spain’s Alfredo Roen dove to 90m/295ft in the CWTB discipline, while Croatia’s Vitomir Maricic completed a 101m/331ft CWTB dive. Poland’s Mateusz “Matt” Malina continued his powerful performances with a 123m/404ft dive in the Constant Weight (CWT) discipline, and Mexico’s Pedro Tapia completed a 105m/344ft Constant Weight (CWT) dive.

Alfredo Roen Proposes

In addition to setting his National Record, Alfredo Roen also celebrated by proposing to his girlfriend, straight after completing his dive, to huge applause and celebrations from the crowd.

Alfredo Roen of Spain sets a NR gets a white card and proposes to his Girlfriend
Alfredo Roen of Spain sets a NR gets a white card and proposes to his Girlfriend

Full Day 4 Results & Day 5 Start List

Check out the full results from Vertical Blue Day 4 below:

Vertical Blue 2022 Day 4 Results
Vertical Blue 2022 Day 4 Results

The start list for Day 5 continues to see impressive depths looking to be achieved, with another 9 National Record attempts and 3 Continental Records looking to be set!

Vertical Blue 2022 Day 5 Start List
Vertical Blue 2022 Day 5 Start List

Photos of Day 4

You can check out our gallery of photos courtesy of Daan Verhoeven below.

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Feature Photo by Daan Verhoeven

With on-site reporting from Francesca Koe and additional reporting by Stephan Whelan.

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