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“Pressure” – The Short Semi-Biographical Freediving Film – Available Online

“Pressure” – the short semi-biographical freediving featuring the underwater journey of world famous, Catalan Freediver Miguel Lozano, to 123m under the surface of the ocean – has been released and can be viewed below here on below.

The films is shot, directed and produced by Mediterranean film maker, freediver and design artist Pepe Arcos. The film is a visual feast depicting the journey that occurs inside the mind and body of an elite, extreme sportsman.

“Making this film gave me the urge to go deep into the story, behind the records and to the enormous physical and psychological effort and the beautiful moments of it. A whole emotional journey following the steps and challenges of a man trying to go where nobody had been before deep in the ocean.” PEPE ARCOS

“This world record attempt was one of the most difficult challenges of my career. PRESSURE shows the process I was immersed in weeks before the record day. Full of emotions and beauty.” MIGUEL LOZANO

Although he grew up around the Mediterranean and has always had a strong affinity for the ocean, Pepe Arcos has only recently been making a name for himself as an underwater filmmaker. His professional journey began in graphic design and visual communication, and it was only after a decade running his own design studio that he was inspired to bring together his love of freediving and passion for creativity. Now dedicating his time solely to photography and filmmaking, he is still guided by the power of design, as he describes it, to “understand beauty and balance.”

Miguel Lozano is born in Barcelona, in 1979. Towering almost two meters tall, which may be of some benefit to him as he is one of the worlds deepest freedivers. Miguel runs freediving schools on the Canary Islands and around the world. He holds a number of records and is of only two men diving to the depths of one hundred and twenty meters deep in free immersion Freediving.

Jessica Lawson
Jessica Lawson
Jessica Lawson is a Journalist come Freediver from Byron Bay, Australia. When she isn't writing about Freediving she is usually playing in the sea. She is also a board member of the Australian National Freediving Association, acting as Press Representative.


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