Zeagle Is Offering a Cool Deal With BCD, First-Stage Regulator Purchase

Zeagle Offering Free Second-Stage Regulator With BCD, First-Stage Regulator Purchase

If you’re in the market for a new BCD and regulator set, the folks at Zeagle may have just the deal for you.

Zeagle is offering a limited-time-only special deal when you buy a Halo BCD and F8 first-stage regulator: an F8 Octopus second-stage regulator for free!

Zeagle introduced the Halo, the company’s first jacket-style BCD, nearly two years ago. It retails for US$790/723 Euros.

Zeagle's Halo BCD
Zeagle’s Halo BCD

The F8 first-stage regulator has a “balanced diaphragm design” as well as a “redesigned environmental seal cap and yoke knob,” and retails for $618/565 Euros.

Zeagle's F8 first-stage regulator
Zeagle’s F8 first-stage regulator.

The F8 Octopus, which normally retails for $230/210 Euros, sports a “new inhalation diaphragm” as well as an “improved exhaust valve,” according to Zeagle.

Zeagle's F8 Octopus second-stage regulator.
Zeagle’s F8 Octopus second-stage regulator.

The offer’s been running since March 1st, and ends on May 31st, 2017, so you better hurry. It’s available at participating Zeagle retailers while supplies last.

For more info, check out the Zeagle website.