Cypriot Divers claim World's Longest Scuba Dive

Mark Brimble and Jan Burt from Aloha Dive Centre in Cyprus have spent a total of 24 hours underwater to raise money for charity.

The dive is being submitted to the Guiness Book of Records to be verified as the World’s Longest Scuba Dive after Brimble and Burt completed the dive on Saturday 19 August after remaining submerged for 24 hours without any surface breaks.

The two divers used regular scuba diving gear rather than opting for the full-face masks or surface air supply used in previous record attempts.

They raised more than £1,000 for The Syncope Trust and Reflex Anoxic Seizures (STARS) charity, which provides support to suffers of syncopes and reflex anoxic seizures. During these seizures oxygenated blood cannot reach the brain, often causing suffers to convulse.

Via [Dive]

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