Five new artificial reefs were established last year, some of which are accessible to divers.

The new reefs range from the former Royal Bahamas Defense Force cutter Yellow Elder sunk in 60 feet/18 meters off New Providence Island, Bahamas to the Twin Capes ferry sunk in 120 feet/37 meters off Cape May, New Jersey to the Stations of the Cross undersea park about 33 feet/10 meters underwater off Trogir, Croatia.

The Yellow Elder joined the Bahamas Artificial Reef Program, which consists of various ships sunk over the years to create artificial reefs around the islands. Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas has sunk 30 wrecks over the years, and 20 still remain part of the program and are thriving as artificial reefs.

Check out a video of the sinking of the Yellow Elder below, and for more info on all the artificial reefs that were set up in 2018, click here.

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