A lot has been happening in the past days, internet access being a hard commodity to find in Bacalar, Articles and photos will be posted later. A quick run out , MT Solomon managed a clean dive at 60 meters in exactly 2:04 min. Aharon Solomon broke his own US Masters record with a 55 meters in constant weight. Julie “Jewels” Russell pulled a really relaxed dive at 45 meters. Luis Torrent, Vice president of Aida Mexico and one of the “torneo” mexican main contender did a Mexican male constant weight national record with a 58 meters dive. Alejandro Lemus president of Aida Mexico blacked out at the surface coming back from a free immersion 60 meters dive. More to come soon, as the FIT team lead by coach Martin Stepanek has still yet to dive, and static is taking place in the “Hotel Laguna” pool.