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AIDA Depth World Championship Day 1 – World Record For Marianna Gillespie


Day 1 of the AIDA Depth World Championship in Roatan, Honduras, saw France’s Marianna Gillespie grab a women’s world record, while six other women set continental or national records.

Marianna Gillespie Sets New CWTB World Record

France’s Marianna Gillespie dove to 97m/318ft to set a new women’s world record in the Constant Weight with Bifins (CWTB) discipline.

In a Facebook post, Gillespie wrote:

“Still can’t believe it! So much hard work, sacrifice and passion has been put into this <3

“Definitely I can now say, that dreams come true if you believe in yourself 🙂

“I’m grateful to you all for your support and all the messages that warm my heart on the other side of the planet.”

WORLD CHAMPION & WORLD RECORD HOLDER in one day ? Still can’t believe it! So much hard work, sacrifice and passion has…

Posted by Marianna Gillespie on Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Six Continental/National Records Set

The CWTB discipline also saw six other women set continental or national records.

For the continental records, South Africa’s Natalie Rudman dove to 72m/236ft, and the USA’s Enchante Gallardo executed a successful 88m/289ft dive.

Posted by En Chants Gallardo on Wednesday, August 17, 2022

On the national record side, Taiwan’s Mia Hou successfully dove to 65m/213ft, Poland’s Agata Zalecka and Australia’s Amber Bourke each dove to 62m/203ft and Finland’s Janita Kulkula dove to 41m/134.5ft.

In an Instagram post, Bourke said:

“This is not a discipline I have had time to train but I am very happy with my dive. I warned the safety divers before I started that it would be slow and good thing too because the dive time ended up being over 3 minutes. Mostly due to having tired legs from lack of training. I surfaced feeling very fresh though so it was a nice way to start the comp and build some confidence for the upcoming days.”

National Record or not?

There is some confusion over one national record.  Turkey’s Sahika Ercumen was vying for an 83m/272ft national record and showed a clean dive on the diveye live feed.  However, in results posted on the AIDA website, she is listed as having received a red card disqualification.

In an Instagram post, however, she claimed the record:

“It was the easiest dive I’ve ever done, I felt like I could go another 20 meters But the last time I did a deep dive in this category was 3 months ago, and I just wanted to be careful because I left a big competition a few days ago and raced again after a 2-day journey.”

Full Day 1 – Women’s Constant Weight Bi-Fins (CWTB) – Results

The AIDA Website gives the results as follows:

AIDA Depth World Championships 2022 - Day 1 Results
AIDA Depth World Championships 2022 – Day 1 Results

Diveye Live Stream

Check out the live stream each day of the competition on the AIDA Youtube Channel.  Diveye, the remote underwater filming drone, is onsite

Join us at the AIDA Depth World Championship Roatan 2022!
Day 2 will feature the Men competing in the CWTB discipline.  Keep checking back on for all the action and results at the 2022 AIDA Depth World Championships.
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John Liang
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