AIDA international penalizes high level AIDA judge

The AIDA executive board has approved a report from a group of high level judges proposing to penalize a high level judge for conflict of interest in the Sharm-el-Sheik competition in 2009 where Natalja Molchanova was awarded two world records.

The report refers to the judge role as coach-judge-organizer. At the time being he was not officially the president of AIDA or a board member but was acting as such in regards to announcing the competition in the AIDA calender and announcing the results on the AIDA web page.

According to the AIDA website, the following measures will be taken:

AIDA Russia / organizer NONE

President of the Jury

· 6 months suspension as Judge (1st of May 2010 to 1st of November 2010)
· 9 months suspension as Judge Instructor (1st of May 2010 to 1st of February 2011)
· 6 months probation time on all related issues (1st of November 2010 to 1st of May 2011)

During the 6 months suspension period he will not be allowed to work in or for a workgroup directly or indirectly working on or with the competition and record rules.

Judges of the Jury· NONE

Athlete (Natalia Molchanova) will have both World Records removed.

A full report can be read on the AIDA website.