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Grand Cayman hosts PFI annual freediving competition

Performance Freediving International (PFI) have for the past few years packed up and headed down to Grand Cayman for a couple of weeks of training, records and competitions.  This year the event named “Deja Blue” starts on May 8th – 14th with training for the event already started on April 30th.

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The freediving disciplines at this years event include the following:

  • Constant Weight – Diving down and back up under ones own power wearing a fin
  • Free Immersion – Using the line, one pulls themselves down to depth and back up
  • Constant No-Fins – Without the use of fins or the line, one swims down to depth and back again
  • Static Apnea– In the pool the diver flats face down holding their breath as long as possible
  • Dynamic Apnea – In the pool with a fin on one sees how many lengths they can swim underwater on a single breath
  • Dynamic Apnea without Fins – On a single breath and without the use of fins, one sees how many lengths of a pool they can swim

During the seven day competition competitors will be able to make attempts during 5 ocean days and 5 pool days.  They earn points as follows and the winner will be the diver with the overall highest point score in all disciplines.

PFI are also producing a daily blog on the PFI Website which you can follow here.

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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