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FreedivingAIDA Team World Championship 2008 in Egypt

AIDA Team World Championship 2008 in Egypt


News from AIDA International:

Apnea Academy Red Sea writes that theircompany has worked in the freediving industry since 2003 and their facility hasaccommodated many events that have brought hundreds of freedivers toSharm el Sheikh, for apnea competitors and all levels of apnea courses.

The annual appointments inMay and November ” Freediving Week” is at its fourth edition now. Theseevents register the presence of about 300 persons per year; anInternational Competition, called ” City of Peace, in 2004 (CWT andSTA) with 54 competitors; four AIDA World Record Attempts of which twoby Carlos Coste and two by William Trubridge in 2006; 2th trophy “Cityof Peace” in 2007 (CWT and CNF); organizer of 4th Individual worldchampionship AIDA 2007; logistic support to the scientific team of CNR(National Research Council) of Pisa – Italy, that in Sharm at the ApneaAcademy’s center is creating the first permanent underwater scientificlaboratory.

The venues that will support the event are ClubSharm and Club Reef hotel situated in Tower Bay – Sharm El Sheikh –South Sinai. These venues can accommodate 400 persons. There is access tothe sea through a floating jetty and training and competition fieldsare at about 70 metres from the reef with a depth of more than 120 metres.For the pool there are two solutions, either to renovate or build anew pool in the Club Reef hotel (already agreed with the owner) orsecondly to use the municipal pool in the Marine Sporting Club that is atabout 5 km from the athletes hotels. The program would be to organizein the first two weeks of September with 9 days of competition.

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Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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