Slovenian freediver Alenka Artnik set a new women’s world record this week in the Constant Weight with bi-fins discipline at the Asian Freediving Cup competition in Panglao, Philippines.

Artnik dove to 92 meters (305 feet) on June 11, the final day of the three-day, AIDA-sanctioned event. The record will be official once her doping test clears.

Her world-record feat was two meters deeper than the dive she made a couple days earlier at the same event, which at the time was also a record.

This is what Artnik had to say about setting a new world record:

“I was specifically training for this world record attempt the last two months with Freedive Panglao. Trainings were going really well and I felt ready. But as everyone around me knew I was attempting the new bi-fin world record I could feel the pressure which prevented me from a good sleep the night before my first competition day. In the morning I felt tired and my confidence was weaken but just until I came to the warm up line. I knew my physical condition was not optimal that day so I had to compensate with my mind and maximum relaxation. Finally I managed to put myself in the right mind set and made a nice dive with strong and clean protocol. After my 90m dive I had one day to rest and get ready for my next dive which was 92m. As I was very excited and happy but also busy giving interviews with media, I had a very short night and bad sleep again. Instead of feeling relieved as I already managed a world record dive, I felt stressed again. However, as I was showing really good physical shape during my preparation I knew I could repeat the dive. This time I could manage relax even better and had a perfect control until the end of the dive. It felt even easier with definitely more margin to go.”

Alenka Artnik
Alenka Artnik

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