American Women Break World & National Records at Deja Blue III

Team USA ladies have a good day in Cayman

Every year Performance Freediving International hosts an open freediving competition in Cayman, and every year gets deeper and deeper. This year is no exception. On Friday May 4th a new World Record was set by Ashley Futral Chapman of the United States. Ashley has had her sights set on taking the women’s Constant No-Fins (CNF) title for a year, and today she did just that. Demonstrating perfect form Futral Chapman handily nabbed her first world record by completing a strong no-fins dive to 63 meters with an official dive time of three minutes and :01 seconds. “With my heart-beating hard and the added anxiety, this was the toughest dive I’ve done so far,” said Ashley, “but now everything else will be downhill.”

Pending the doping test results” said AIDA International Judge Trainer Grant Graves, “Ashley has a firm World Record, as the bottom plate footage was clean.” A native of North Carolina, Ashley co-founded Evolve Freediving with her husband Ren after she became a freediving instructor for PFI. Sailing in Caribbean waters on their vessel Nila Girl has proven to be great training for the spirited Futral Chapman and keeps her close to the big blue.  “I’m excited for what comes next!” exclaimed Ashley, but for now she should simply enjoy her new World Record and a wonderful personal accomplishment.

Erin Magee is no stranger to records, today she cemented her sixth USA title with a beautiful constant weight dive to 81 meters. Magee executed a clean performance in two minutes and :40 seconds to garner a white card from the judges and yet another CWT national record. “Today’s dive was great!” said Erin, “I can’t wait to go deeper and deeper.” congratulates both the USA athletes; stay tuned for even more records to come from Deja Blue III.

American Women Break World & National Records at Deja Blue III 1

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