Anette Rafen Ottzen Sets New Danish Freediving National Record

Freediving athlete Anette Rafen Ottzen is the new Nordic record holder in DYN.
Freediving athlete Anette Rafen Ottzen is the new Nordic record holder in DYN.

It seems lately not a week goes by without new freediving records being set, as athletes the world over continuously push the envelope in a ongoing race to test their limits.

Performing at the Bellahøj Svømmestadion in Denmark on 6th May 2016 – Anette Rafen Ottzen just bettered her own previous record of 189m in Dynamic Apnea (DYN) with a clean and solid 200m performance.

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This new Danish national record is also the new Nordic record.

The athlete recapped her performance in a Facebook post saying:

“Surround yourself with people that support you when things don’t go entirely your way – that’s where the magic happens. I almost didn’t accept the re-dive that I was offered due to count down technicalities. But decided to give it a second chance: I was at my home pool surrounded by trainers, teammates, friends and of course my boyfriend was there too. So I managed to let go of all the expectations that I had brought to the poolside and just dove for the sake of freediving.”

Watch Anette’s amazing DYN dive:

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