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New TUSA Liberator BCD Now Available

New upgraded TUSA Liberator BCD is now available.

Review: The Zeagle Zena Women’s BCD

The Zeagle Zena is a high-quality BCD specially designed for women divers.

Aqualung Introduces New Rogue Modular BCD

Aqualung Introduces New Rogue Modular BCD

2017 Brings With It Cutting-Edge BCD’s From Mares

Mares have introduced 4 new BCD's for 2017 - we take a close look at the exciting new features

TUSA’s Latest BCD Now Available For Purchase

If you're in the market for a new buoyancy compensator, TUSA might just have the answer.The company recently announced its new BC0201 Conquest II...

Best BCD’s For 2016

We are just over a month into this New Year and with a New Year comes fresh and exciting pieces of scuba kit that...

Zeagle Introduces New Jacket-Style BCD

Zeagle has introduced a new, jacket-style BCD called the Halo.The Halo is a first for a company best known for its back-inflation BCDs like...
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