Karen Stearns

Karen is an avid diver, boater and conservationist. Karen supports a number of groups such as the Ocean Conservancy and Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission. She currently works for Wakatobi as their marketing manager.

Protecting What We Love – a Look Back At Wakatobi’s Pioneering Reef Conservation Programs

In 2015, Wakatobi Dive Resort celebrates it's 20th anniversary. The years have been good to us, as we have grown from a simple diving outpost to a premier resort...

Wakatobi Resort Plays Surrogate Parent To Sea Turtles

When Mother Nature needs a bit of help, Wakatobi's caring staff play surrogate parent to tiny sea turtles.Sea Turtles can live to be 100 years old, but most don't...

Beyond the Bathtub – Sponges

Sponges are much more than cleaning accessories; they are the ocean’s original reef builders. Barrel sponge with Glass fish | Photo: Steve Rosenberg Ever think about all the sponges we use...
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Latest Posts

FORCE BLUE And Sea Of Change Team Up To Take On Plastics

FORCE BLUE has teamed up on a project with the Sea Of Change Foundation that aims to use FORCE BLUE's Special Operations Veterans to raise awareness about the ocean and the threats it faces.

Florida’s Coral Spawning Season Is About To Start

It's that time of year again, so it's worth packing your dive gear and heading down to the Florida Keys for the annual Coral spawning season.

Israeli Documentary ‘Picture Of His Life’ To Make U.S. Premiere This Month

The documentary film "Picture Of His Life," about award-winning wildlife stills photographer and environmental activist Amos Nachoum, will make its U.S. premiere this month.

Sayuri Kinoshita – A Personal Photo Essay

Photographer Daan Verhoeven shares a personal account of his muse and good friend Sayuri Kinoshita

Women’s World Record Planned At Divetech Grand Cayman

Divetech Grand Cayman is planning to smash its own world record of the longest female underwater chain on Women's Dive Day 2019.