Thursday, November 30, 2023

Sam Kirby

Dolphin Way – a book review

Our favorite AIDA Instructor Trainer & PADI Course Director from Cornwall offers up her own review of the newest book from author Mark Carney.Follow Sam on Twitter @saltfree and @FreediveCwall

SaltFree Splash Competition Results

The SaltFree Splash took place at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow, UK on September 9th.  14 athletes from the UK, Australia and Germany competed...

2nd Hungarian Apnea Day Results

The 2nd Hungarian Apnea Day took place in Szekesfehervar near Budapest on Saturday 12th November.  27 athletes from 9 countries took part in Static Apnea...

The Mermaid Diaries : Volume II

Contributor Sam Kirby carries forth the saga of the Mermaids into a brighter, bolder future.

The Mermaid Diaries – Volume One

Sam Kirby details SaltFree's leading-edge intiative to attract new talent into the pool. More, please !

Poolside at the 3rd Dutch Apnea Open

DB Contributor Sam Kirby dives Dutch,dallies at dinner and delightfully describes the detailed drama.

Worlds 2004: from the coaches perspective

UK Team Captain Sam Kirby gives her first perspectives on leading the UK team here in Vancouver

SaltFree Championships 2004

Tags, top times and Tangled Ropes - one woman's quest to run a freedive championship.

Dutch Treat

Sam, our resident Freediving Adventuress, reports on high times in the Low Countries.

saltFree announces UK National Championships

saltFree and the British Freediving Association have announced the saltFree UK National Freediving Championships at the National Diving Centre in Chepstow near Bristol...