SaltFree Splash Competition Results

The SaltFree Splash took place at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow, UK on September 9th.  14 athletes from the UK, Australia and Germany competed in an AIDA Ranked Competition in Constant Weight with Fins.

The sun shone, the water was relatively, clear and a good day was had by all! The winners were:


  1. Paul Whincup – UK – 51m
  2. David Morgan – UK – 50m
  3. Ben Noble – AUS – 42m


  1. Anne-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler – UK – 45m
  2. Sam Kirby – UK – 36m
  3. Mandy Buckley – UK – 32m

Best Duck Dive of the Day

  1. Liv Philip

SaltFree were particularly happy to see Mandy, the SaltFree Mermaid for 2005 up on the podium in her first competition! It was also cool to see Dave Morgan, a SaltFree regular since the very start, finally crack 50m, and in such style. 

Judges were Luc Wider and Mark Harris.  Full results are up on

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