Ben Noble – Australia's deepest man

From Mark Harris – British Freediving Association

The BFA and Deeperblue are proud to announce the achievements of Ben Noble, Deeperblue contributor and staff member of the British Freediving Association, has been declared Australia’s deepest freediver.

He has just set 3 depth discipline records for Australia, and become his country’s deepest Male freediver.

On the 8th December, at the Blue Hole in Dahab, Ben performed a Free Immersion dive to 50 metres. This was followed less than an hour later, by a variable weight dive to 72 metres. Finally, on 9th December, Ben descended to 80 metres and back, in the No-limits discipline.

AIDA judges presiding over the attempts were Lotta Ericson and Linda Paganelli, who also facilitated the event through Freedive Dahab.

Ben does a huge amount of volunteer work for freediving, helping both the BFA and his Australian AIDA group, and he is also a mentor for the forums on Deeper Blue.

Deeperblue and all Ben’s colleagues are very proud of his achievements.