If diving off Bermuda is on your bucket list, the folks at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club are showcasing some of the myriad varieties of fish that can be seen in the waters off that island.

The hotel’s website has an infographic section that highlights the status of some of the animals and the depths that divers need to reach to see them in real life.

Diarmaid O’Sullivan, who works for the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, says:

“For many divers, it is the parrotfish that they want to see most. As well as being beautifully coloured, these fascinating fish help clean the reef by feeding on algae that are attached to the coral.

“Scientific studies have shown that the healthiest reefs are those that have large parrotfish populations, which is why it’s so imperative that, in Bermuda, we continue to protect the parrotfish, while not neglecting the other fish that live here.

“We created this online experience to show a glimpse of what it is like to dive in Bermuda while spreading awareness around the vulnerability of some of our most beautiful marine species.”

Check out the infographic at fairmont.com.

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