Big Blue Dive Lights is sponsoring week three of’s Roatan Rodeo this summer.

The event is hosted by Turquoise Bay and will take place July 14-21, 2018. During the event, divers will be able to get their hands on and try various lights and products from Big Blue Lights, as well as being able to buy them.

Additionally, if you purchase a Big Blue Light before the event you’ll be eligible for a free night dive worth up to US$65/~£49/~€55. All you need to do is to buy your light from a participating Big Blue dealer and ask them to  contact either Big Blue or with your proof of purchase to receive your coupon code.

During your week at the Roatan Rodeo, you can explore the island underwater and on shore, learn to hunt lionfish, and see how the locals have turned their fins and tails into jewellery and crafts. You can also start each day with Yoga for divers and take part in a host of other activities.

Prices start from $1,475/~£1,110/~€1,265 on a double-occupancy basis.

You can email Single Divers for information here or find out more about the Roatan Rodeo here.

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