British Commonwealth ‘Out Of The Blue’ Marine Photography Competition Under Way

'Out Of The Blue' Photography Competition Under Way
'Out Of The Blue' Photography Competition Under Way

Citizen of a Commonwealth country? Love underwater/marine photography? There’s an ongoing competition for ocean-loving shutterbugs meant to showcase the importance of the world’s seas.

The “Out Of The Blue” competition is open to all Commonwealth citizens and runs through 6th September. Only photos taken in a Commonwealth country will be judged.

There are various award themes; the overall winner will get an expenses-paid trip to Malta in November 2015 during the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

The three main contest themes include “Nature’s Assets,” “People and the Oceans,” and “Human Impacts.” Awards will be given to photographers both under and over the age of 18.

When the competition began last month, Prince Charles said in an introductory video:

“I am especially hopeful to see participation from young people, as their future — particularly those from island nations or coastal states — will be principally determined by the fate of the oceans. The world needs to hear their stories, and perhaps by seeing their perspective in pictures — those with the means to act are more likely to do so.”

Check out the full video below. For information on how to submit your photos, click here.

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