Sunday, July 14, 2024

Brownies Marine Group Unveils Nomad Mini: The World’s Smallest Battery-Powered Dive System


Brownies Marine Group has set a new standard in portable dive technology with the introduction of the Nomad Mini at this year’s DEMA Show in New Orleans.

As the smallest battery-powered dive system globally, the Nomad Mini delivers compressed air from the surface through a hose, enabling underwater exploration up to a maximum depth of 30 feet/9 meters.

Compact and user-friendly, the Nomad Mini is designed to offer divers 45-60+ minutes of dive time per battery, depending on usage. Building on insights from the Nemo and Nomad dive systems, the Nomad Mini has found the perfect balance between portability and performance.

What sets the Nomad Mini apart is its extraordinary lightweight design, coupled with an additional 10 feet/3 meters of hose length. This feature provides divers with the flexibility to explore depths of 30 feet/9 meters while having 40 feet/12 meters of hose at their disposal.

For those seeking extended underwater adventures, the Nomad Mini offers an optional Dive Boost kit. This kit allows users to add multiple batteries to their system, further extending their dive time and enhancing the overall diving experience.

The Nomad Mini retails for US$1,299/£1040/€1940.

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Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown
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