Saturday, December 4, 2021

Canadian Firm launches 2nd Generation Fluid Goggles


Liquivision, the Canadian firm setup by former FreeDiving World Record Holder Eric Fattah, has just announced their secnd generation Fluid Goggles.

Fluid Goggles

Unlike the first generation of Fluid Goggles these "Nirvana-2" Goggles are more like a full face mask commonly used by divers.

The unique aspect of all Fluid Googles is the lack of requirement to equalise the mask as the mask is filled with salt water or saline solution which removes all air spaces in the mask, which is especially important in FreeDiving to avoid loss of vital air for deep diving.

The "Nirvana-2" Goggles are available from the Liquivision Website for 295 USD.

Stephan Whelan
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