The casino boat El Dorado has been sunk off the coast of Florida to create a new artificial reef.

The boat was beached and abandoned in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael in 2018. This was the second time the ship suffered storm damage after Hurricane Ivan hit the boat in 2004, and while it was being repaired, it sustained further damage in 2018.

The current owner then decided to donate the boat to become an artificial reef off the coast of Florida.

After its sinking, the wreck lies in 103feet/31m of water, while the top of the wreck is at 63ft/19m. The wreck has been sunk at the following coordinates: 29°58’55.0N 85°50’57.0W, at a location designed to help repair reefs damaged by recent storms.

You can check out a video of the sinking of the El Dorado below.

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