Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

Fantome Lost

The story of the Fantome, lost on Oct. 27. 1998 off Honduras.

Fast Track Training

Last year the media in the United Kingdom was focused on so called fast track training methods. Find out the facts!

The Sharks Dining Room

Michael tells the tale of diving in the "Sharks Dining Room".

Helping Hands

Check out the reality of training a novice diver.

How I Survived Ireland

Diving off Ireland sounded like fun. Lewis has a cautionary tale to tell of diving without proper backup. A rollercoaster ride under the waves...

Club Med

Ian introduces us to Club Med and gives a rundown of it's history and his experiences.

Kona Blue

Christian takes us on a journey into the depths of Hawaii's "Kona Blue".

Tipping, the User Guide

Ever wondered how to tip properly? Why not have a look at Ian's expert guide.

Diving Fears

Ever had irrational fears whilst diving? Mike takes you into a journey of diving fears.

The International Lingo

English has become the required language around the world. Ian tells his tales of travelling and listening to English!

Resort Staff Turnover

Staff turnover in the resort industry is becoming an increasingly difficult problem to manage.

Self Sufficient Diving

Christian presents an argument for Solo "Self Sufficent" Scuba Diving.

Smaller Seats

Ever wondered where all that space goes in Airline seats? Ian casts his expert eye over the shrinking seat syndrome.
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