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Underwater Imaging is all about taking photos and video underwater whether you are Freediving or Scuba diving. Explore Underwater Imaging on DeeperBlue.com.

The VOLT X Action Camera Could Give GoPRo A Run For Its Money

The New VOLT X Action Camera Could Give GoPro A Run For Its Money

Looks like GoPro has a new competitor on the cost side.There’s a new action camera out called the VOLT X which is being offered for...
SEA&SEA Unveils New Underwater Camera Housings

SEA&SEA Unveils New Sony Alpha a6300, Canon EOS 80D Camera Housings

If you're an aficionado of the Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless digital camera or the Canon EOS 80D digital camera and have dreamed of taking...
Writer/Photographer Al Hornsby has released 'Face To Face', a book chock-full of underwater photos

Writer/Photographer Al Hornsby Has A New Book Out

If you're the type who loves leafing through books filled with beautiful underwater photos, diving and wildlife photographer Al Hornsby may have something just...
Get Up Close And Personal With SeaLife's New Super Macro Lens

Get Up Close And Personal With SeaLife’s New Super Macro Lens

Ever been diving and wanted to take a really, really close-up picture of a particularly beautiful piece of coral or undersea plant? Well, if...
Although the housing was heavily scratched, the camera within stayed dry during a three-year drift from the U.K. to Sweden.

Lost Dive Camera Travels 600 Miles To Be Reunited With Owner

Imagine going on a dive, taking a bunch of memories with your handy-dandy underwater camera, only to find it missing upon surfacing.That happened to...
Octospot Dive Camera

Check Out The New Octospot Dive Camera

GoPro better watch out — there’s a new competitor in town: the Octospot Dive Camera.The Octospot is the first camera that’s able to not...
GoPro Has Released A 'Truth Below The Surface' VR Video

Check Out GoPro’s ‘Truth Below The Surface’ VR Video

Want to view different species of sharks in a unique way without getting wet? Well, GoPro recently released "The Truth Below the Surface" --...
HITCASE Introduces New Waterproof Case For iPhone

HITCASE Unveils New Waterproof Case For iPhone 6

Ever wanted to go snorkeling and bring your iPhone 6 along? Well, the folks at HITCASE might have a solution.The company recently introduced the HITCASE...
Check Out GoPro's New 'Seeker' Daypack

Check Out GoPro’s New ‘Seeker’ Daypack

If you're one of those GoPro power users when you dive -- i.e. you don't settle for just one camera -- you might want...
SEA&SEA Unveils Underwater Housing For Nikon’s D500 Camera

SEA&SEA Unveils Underwater Housing For Nikon’s D500 Camera

Nikon’s latest camera, the D500, has really brought out the competitive juices among companies that make underwater housings.SEA&SEA is the latest one, with its...
Andy Brandy Casagrande IV

Interview: Andy Brandy Casagrande IV On Filming The World’s Most Dangerous Creatures

Sharks...some of us love them and most of us hate them. Whatever your views, you can’t deny that they’re amazing and fascinating creatures. When...
Aquatica Unveils AD500 Underwater Camera Housing

Aquatica Unveils AD500 Underwater Camera Housing

If you’ve been drooling over Nikon’s latest digital camera, the D500, and waiting patiently for an underwater housing to be built for your next...
The Marine Conservation Institute is holding a 'Summer By The Sea' photo contest.

Marine Conservation Institute Holding ‘Summer By The Sea’ Photo Contest

If you're an avid underwater shutterbug and tend to spend your vacations by the ocean, the Marine Conservation Institute is offering the chance to...
Cancer Claims Life Of Underwater Cameraman Bob Cranston (Photo credit: Wetpixel.com)

Cancer Claims Life Of Underwater Cameraman Bob Cranston

If you love watching IMAX movies about the ocean, chances are they were shot by underwater cameraman Bob Cranston.Cranston, who shot a multitude of...
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