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Check Out Wyland’s Ocean Realm Journal Online

Check Out Wyland’s Ocean Realm Journal Online
Wyland Ocean Realm Journal Nov Available Online

Love Wyland‘s marine art? Was seeing one of his murals the reason for your getting into diving?

Well, he and the publisher of Ocean Realm have teamed up to publish a co-branded, bi-annual magazine, Wyland Ocean Realm Journal.

“Ocean Realm was in my opinion one of the best dive magazines in the world,” Wyland writes in the foreword. “It featured great articles and people who were interested in conservation. At some point the magazine was retired and all of us were sorry to see this publication disappear. Richard Stewart, who founded the magazine, approached me a few years ago about bringing the magazine back under the Wyland name. It was a great chance to rebrand a great magazine with some of the projects that I am working on and encourage participation from all of our partners, including legendary hero for the planet Dr. Sylvia Earle and marine scientist Dr. Greg Stone, both of whom will be writing their own columns for Wyland Ocean Realm.”

Not only is the publication available as a coffee-table edition, you can also read it online for free (although you’ll have to enter your name, email and U.S. ZIP code). Click here to view it.

Wyland Ocean Realm Journal
Wyland Ocean Realm Journal


  1. I tried sending this email to Richard yesterday but the email I had from his card said invalid…please see below

    Hi Richard,

    I was curious to know if you will be joining us at the Sebastian Lionfish Fest this year. A lot has changed since the first event and we are preparing for a stocked crowd and a lot of lionfish tourney teams!

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