The countdown to’s annual “Shootout” underwater photography contest between a team at Lembeh Resort, Indonesia and one at Gulen Dive Resort, Norway has begun.

The Shootout will kick off its first round on June 16th. The contest will have a total of three rounds, featuring nudibranchs, fish/invertebrates and wide angle.

The Shootout will have the highest possible ethical standards, with the rules mandating that participants and guides may not touch subjects and that behaviors, positions or subjects in locations that do not occur naturally will result in the images being disqualified.

There will be live reporting from both resorts throughout the event. Team Lembeh won the first Shootout so team captain Alex Mustard will be keen to retain the title.

Countdown To's Underwater Photography 'Shootout' Has Begun
Team Lembeh

Team Gulen came so close to winning last time, so expect their captain, Keri Wilk, to motivate his team members to produce some stunning imagery.

Countdown To's Underwater Photography 'Shootout' Has Begun
Team Gulen

Live voting will accompany each round so check out during the contest and cast your votes for your favorite images.

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