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Cousteau's Voyage to Kure Via Daily Expedition Logs

Voyage to Kure documents Jean-Michel Cousteau’s team expedition to a remote island chain, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The film chronicles the exploration of one of the last pristine coral reefs in the Pacific, a glimpse of paradise before people.

The Cousteau team discovers that they are not alone in their quest to know these living oases. A group of modern Polynesian sailors also sets out to travel the 1,200 miles to the outer islands in a traditional sailing canoe led by renowned navigator, Nainoa Thompson. In the end, both Cousteau and Thompson are driven by the passion to protect these natural treasures and pass on cultural traditions to a new generation.

A major goal of the expedition is to show people around the world the most remote islands on the planet; the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are home to the last remnant of wild coral in U.S. waters, where rare corals and vibrant reef marine life abound.

Now on the Ocean Futures Society website, Cousteau and his team are offering you the chance to review daily expedition logs complete with notes and plans. There are also sections detailing marine life found on the Voyage to Kure and much more!

For those of you interested in following the voyage’s daily details and learning more about the area and its unique marine life, visit:

Source: Ocean Futures Society

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
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