Cyprus Is Getting Ready To Host The 2015 AIDA Individual Depth World Championships

Free2dive Individual World Championships

Now that the 2015 AIDA Individual Pool World Championships have finished in Belgrade, the athletes and organizers turn their attention to the next major World Championships in the global Freediving Competitive calendar – the AIDA Individual Depth World Championships – being held between 5th – 20th September in Limassol, Cyprus.

This competition will feature the depth disciplines of Constant Weight With Fins (CWT), Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF) and Free Immersion (FIM).

The organizers Free2Dive have got in touch and provided an image of the exclusively designed 500m2 barge created for the event by EDT Offshore Company.  The barge will be located 2 miles from the shore and allow athletes to dive up to a depth of 150m with three competition lines featuring counter ballast safety systems.

Free2dive Individual World Championships Barge

There will be pre-competition training available from 5th – 10th September followed by the official competition between 11th – 20th September.

Free2dive Individual World Championships