The Divers Alert Network’s Rescue Pack Extended Plus is portable with a retractable handle and wheeled design for rapid deployment, more lightweight and compact than some of the larger kits available in the DAN 2020 Emergency Response Gear range.

Celebrating 40 years’ experience, DAN have taken feedback from divers, boat operators, researchers and doctors to create their products.

DAN Highlights Portable First Aid Kits at DEMA Show 2019
DAN Highlights Portable First Aid Kits at DEMA Show 2019

In this kit they have all the essential first aid supplies to cover the majority of injuries for a diver who needs oxygen or has injured themselves. The kit also includes a pack of waterproof slates with a set of guidelines, it is the infield tool for when an injury occurs. From jellyfish stings to neurological examinations, this thorough, step-by-step guide is there to walk you through the processes to ensure best practice and the injury is treated appropriately and safely.

Kit includes oxygen and first aid supplies, brass multifunction regulator, non-rebreather and oronasal masks and waterproof slates.

Prices start from US$641/~580 Euros. For more info, check out the DAN website.

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