In a recent Instagram post, the Divers Alert Network sent a gentle reminder to the diving community about the importance of monitoring your turn pressure.

Monitoring your turn pressure is often an overlooked skill by many divers who can become engrossed and distracted while discovering the wonders of the underwater world. According to DAN, monitoring your turn pressure is simple:

“Before the dive, determine your turn pressure based on your starting pressure and your planned dive time/depth. You must return to your beginning point with enough air to make your ascent and do a safety stop. During the dive, actively monitor your tank pressure and make sure you turn back on time.”

Failure to properly plan an monitor your pressure can cause problems for all levels of divers. Novice divers can get into trouble since they tend to use air more quickly, while experienced divers can get overconfident and fail to monitor their air consumption properly and miss their turn pressure.

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