Day 19 – Day off with the DVD player

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After three days of training we are all looking forward to a day off with some good movies. That is literally all that we have planned.

At the break of day Kirk is off to meet Danny, from Off the Wall Divers. He’s going to help Danny take the boom and sled off the boat so that Danny can run his regular scuba diving business. Shortly after he leaves Doc and Martin get up and head off to do emails. Me, I stay in bed and watch some TV, then slowly get up and go visit the guys.

After our first movie, "Ladder 49", we head off to find lunch and make a quick grocery run to Fosters. Then it’s back to Cobalt Coast for napping, watching another movie ("Shaun of the Dead"), and more internet.

The night finishes off in the same laid back way that has been the theme of the day. We kick back and watch one more movie, "The Machinist" (my favourite of the day). Afterwards each of us heads off to bed to dream of the great dive day coming tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!