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Freediving Instructors International Makes a Splash at DEMA 2015

Martin Stepanek, founder of Freediving Instructors International and 13-time world record holder, demonstrated his Double Your Breath-Hold in 30 Minutes Mini-Course at the DEMA...

FII Announce 2016 US Freediving Instructor Course Schedule

Freediving Instructors International (FII) have just announced their 2016 Instructor Course schedule.  Interest is always high in these courses and with only 4 currently...

F.I.I. Launches Updated Website

Freediving Instructors International recently updated their website with a host of new features. "F.I.I. is proud to launch its new website for summer 2015," according...

Freediving Instructors International announce 2013 Bonaire Freediving Camp with Martin Stepanek

Freediving Instructors International (FII) have announced a Freediving Camp with 13 times World Record Holder Freediver Martin Stepanek in Bonaire from July 22nd -...

Kona Camp 2012 – Freediving with FII

Freediving Instructors International's Kona Camp offers six unparalleled days of freediving in one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world. Join world champion...

DEMA Show 2010: Day 4

DEMA Show 2010 in Las Vegas continues into the last day. Check out Day 4 coverage from the DeeperBlue.com Team

DEMA Show 2009: The Freediving Side Of DEMA

Freediving Editor Nico takes a look at the finest Freediving training programs at the DEMA show in Orlando and their master plans to seduce the diving industry.

First Time, Second Place

Jared Schmelzer of Miami took his first freediving course in March, 2008 , with FIT. Four months later he placed second in the Mexican nationals. This is Jared's debut, too, as a DeeperBlue contributor.

AIDA Mexico Championship : Xibalba 2008

Staff Writer Nico headed down to Mexico to report from the recent Xibalba 2008 AIDA Mexico Championships.

The Dolphins, the Shark, and the Evil Sea Monkeys : Part I

Up-and-coming freediver Todd Storey's account of his first formal training course.

And Now, For My Next Magical Trick

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik surveys the diving world in era of A.B. - After Blaine.

Sink Faze: The Life Chaotic

At a safe distance from the participants, Freediving Editor Paul Kotik does the post-mortem on Sink Faze - with no make-up.




Aqua Lung Unveils New i470TC Dive Computer

Aqua Lung recently introduced its new, Bluetooth-enabled i470TC Dive Computer.

How We Go Diving Again, and NEEMO Aquanaut Dawn Kernagis

The second episode of the DeeperBlue Podcast is out today, featuring what we can expect as we all start to contemplate getting back in the water and an interview with Aquanaut Dawn Kernagis

Australian Spearo Killed By Shark

An Australian diver was killed in a shark attack over the weekend, according to local news reports.

After Survey, Aggressor Adventures Anticipates Bounce-Back In Dive Travel

Aggressor Adventures has conducted research which shows a bounce-back in dive travel may be on the way.

High-End Scuba Domain Names On Sale Now

A host of unique, scuba-related domain names are now available for sale.


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