Wednesday, May 29, 2024

DeeperBlue Video Of The Year 2019


Christmas is only hours away and one of our favorite features of the whole year is upon us.  We take a look back over the most popular Video Of The Week (brought to you by Paralenz) to figure out what we feel is the most standout and popular video of the year.

This year we had some beautiful videos featured, however, the truly standout film for us was the amazing freediving short film from husband and wife team of Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier with One Breath Around The World.

Best watched with headphones on, this 12-minute film takes World Champion Freediver Guillaume Nery on a journey all over the world whilst diving on one breath.  A highly stylized and truly beautiful set of visuals and soundtrack transports you to underwater caves, diving with whales and diving under ice – all to bring the magic of the underwater world to life on screen.

Congratulations to Guillaume and Julie on this spectacular video and a well-deserved winner of our Video Of The Year.

You can watch the film above or on YouTube directly.


What is Video of the Week? Every week we bring you some of the most epic videos about diving from around the world whether that is Freediving, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, or Spearfishing.  We’re proud to showcase both amateur and professional videos alike.

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